10 Questions all strippers have been asked, assumptions and answers!

10 Questions all strippers have been asked, assumptions and answers!

Here at The Cabaret Nightclub, our gorgeous strippers are independent, beautiful, sexy and confident women. Plus we love what we do! We get to hang out with fun and interesting people and dance to sexy music all night. But there’s so much more to us than meets the eye, and we just know you’re intrigued to learn more about us!

We always get asked a barrage of questions, and we wanted to address some of them here in an open forum. So without further ado, here are the most common questions we’ve been asked over the years. Oh, and if you have a question for us, please feel free to hit us up on Instagram or send us a message.


1.   Why did you get into stripping and do you enjoy it or just do it for the money?

It really depends on where the girls are at in their life. For many of the girls working at Cabaret Club they’re travelling, or students, or both. The lifestyle of a stripper means that you can work at night and have your days free to do whatever you like. Plus, there’s the added benefit of the money being pretty great, so it does mean you don’t have to work as much as your peers to earn the same amount (and more).

As for the question of ‘do we enjoy stripping’, of course we do. As with any job, there are crappy moments – and we don’t have to ask you if you enjoy your job; chances are you HATE your job, or at least you tolerate it for the money! Like most people in the world, your job is not the be all and end all of your life, but if you do love your job, then welcome to the club!

We are in the lucky position of being able to party all weekend with fun people and get paid for it. What’s not to love? The only time our job isn’t fun is when we occasionally experience issues with customers, but if this happens, we simply end the dance and continue on with the night with other customers who respect and appreciate our services. So remember, play nice and stick to the rules! We love our job, and we love our nights with you, and we’d like to keep it that way.


2.    How good is the money?

How much you got? No, just kidding. The money is as good as we make it. What this means is that the harder we work, the more we make. Every girl works around four nights per week at a minimum, with the weekends being the big earning nights (no surprises there). Our lap dances are the best way to earn money, with the floor dances being a nice little bonus on top. We pay close attention to you, and while we are keen to offer our services to you in the form of our lovely bodies, we are here to make money. Duh. So if you’re happy to spend your cash on us, we are going to be paying very close attention to you.


3.    Do you have sex in the lap rooms?

Prostitution is only legal in licensed brothels in Queensland. No one is having sex in our lap rooms. Sorry to burst your bubble gentlemen, but the furthest you will ever get is touching our thighs, ass, and breasts. And that is only if the dancer you are with allows you to! You’ll know what you can touch when she gently (or forcefully :P) steers your hands towards her regions. You absolutely cannot engage in any form of sexual activity beyond touching in the lap rooms.


4.    Can you work when you have your period?

Of course we can! It’s not an issue at all. We’re grown women who all know our bodies very well and know exactly what we can (and cannot) do when we have our period. Working the pole is all just in a day’s work. Of course, if we have period PAIN, then you can bet we’re home with a hot water bottle. Comfort is important 😉


5.    Do you have a partner or children?

Many of our girls have partners and children! These women enjoy healthy, loving and stable relationships with their partners who understand that stripping is just a job, and are not threatened by their choice of profession. Some of our girls are lesbian or bisexual, and some are heterosexual. Their choice of profession in no way precludes them from having wonderful relationships.


6.    Do you have a day job or study?

As we mentioned above, many of our girls study and yes, plenty have other day jobs. Stripping is an excellent way to earn a large amount of money in a fairly short period of time and is an attractive option for plenty of women. We just encourage our girls to ensure that they are not burning the candle at both ends and give themselves plenty of time to rest and recover after a hard night on the pole.


7.    Have you told your friends and family?

This depends from person to person. Some girls are very discreet and don’t tell anyone about their stripping life. Other girls will tell their friends and family and don’t care what anyone thinks. It all comes down to what the girls want to do and how open they are.


8.    Do you take drugs?

We have strict policies of no drugs at Cabaret Club. What anyone chooses to do in their spare time is up to them, but we have zero tolerance here.


9.    What are the customers like?

Our customers are usually wonderful, fun-loving, respectful guys and girls. However, there will always be a few exceptions. But that’s pretty rare. Usually, thanks to our exceptional security, we have a great club full of people who just want to have fun. Our customers have been coming to us for years and years (we are one of the most established clubs in Brisbane) and trust us to provide a great night. We have older men who crave the company of lovely women, couples who are looking for a sexy fantasy for their night out, women who love women, and young guys who are on a buck’s night or a guy’s night out.


10.  What are the downsides?

Late nights, sore feet, sticky skin from alcohol being spilled on us, bad breath, body odour, terrible pick-up lines, guys who think we’ll go home with them, guys who try to touch us where they are not allowed to, cheesy songs… I mean, there are downsides to every job, but when you weigh up the downsides with the benefits, we feel very lucky to work at Cabaret!

Got a question you’re dying to ask us? We can’t wait to see you soon, so come and join us at Cabaret in one of our private booths.