The ultimate checklist for an epic boys’ night out in Brisbane

The ultimate checklist for an epic boys’ night out in Brisbane

Looking to blow off some steam? Ready to get the boys together for an unforgettable (or maybe, entirely forgettable) weekend night out? When your whole week is spent living through the grind of work, assignments, tasks and chores, it makes sense to get the guys together and make the most of it.

After all, when you know you have a killer night out to look forward to, you can get through the week! But the last thing you want to do is have a crap night out when you’ve been looking forward to it so much.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick and easy guide to the ultimate boys night out, so you can relax and know your evening is going to rule.

  • Pick your evening wisely. If you go for Friday night, it means you have all of Saturday to recover and can even rally in time for a cheeky Sunday session to recover and go over the stories from the night with the guys. But Saturday night is often a bigger night out with more on. The choice is yours, with pros and cons for each evening.
  • Plan whose house is going to host the pre-drinks. This is all-important. You want to pick a mate’s house who is close enough to the Valley (because that’s where you’re going, isn’t it?) to get there on foot or in a short Uber ride.
  • Pre-buy your pre-drinks. You want to ensure you have plenty of drinks to enjoy with your mates as you get ready to go out – whether you all put in for a slab or buy a couple of bottles of spirits, just get it all sorted with ice and mixers for everyone to share.
  • Get some drinking games ready to play with the guys. Kings Cup is always a favourite, and you can ensure that everyone is ready to go with a fun drinking game to get the party started.
  • Pick your venues and book a private booth for the guys. Cabaret Club offers a private booth for the boys so if you really want to kick off the evening in style, book a booth to share.
  • Plan your post-drinking food ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is to be lining up for a crappy kebab at four in the morning. Make sure you have the fridge stocked with staples like cold mac and cheese which you can just microwave and heat up, or even think about pre-making some ham and cheese sandwiches which you can pop into the sandwich press and dole out to the lads.
  • Set out where everyone is going to sleep if you’re having people crash at your place. Organise pillows and blankets ahead of time and get everyone sorted out before you even start drinking. That way when you come home for the kick on (or to pass out) you don’t have to worry about people stealing each other’s beds.
  • Don’t plan too much for the night out. You want to ensure the night is easy and fun, not rigid and difficult to control. You can plan a booth for the boys at Cabaret but beyond that just let the night go wherever it does.

Ready for the best boys night out you have had in a long time? Book a booth to share at Cabaret Club and get ready for an awesome time. We can’t wait to be part of your incredible evening 😉 xo